Wednesday, December 30, 2009

9 and 1/2 Months and Sleeping

If you read my last post I commented that one of my goals for the end of 2009 was to finish painting the last door I was going to paint in this house. Well that door happens to be our office door which is also the room Lucy the tortoise is living in for this week. I finished my goal and the door looks great! It also feels good to have another thing checked off my to do list. However, I had to keep the lights on in the office one night past 9pm which is when Lucy's lights on her cage go off and also must mean bedtime for her. This little gal must have been tired because she crawled only enough in to shadow her head. She is either an efficient little tortoise or lazy. But I thought it was cute that she wanted it to be dark for her to sleep.
Lenna on the note of sleeping has been fighting most of her naps. She eventually gives in, and yesterday she gave in by basically passing out while sitting up (or so I assume). This is how I found her, and she was snoring.

I was a kind mom and moved her so she was in a more comfortable position.

Today Lenna went to the doctor for her 9 month check up. Really she is now 9.5 months old, but that is when I could get her into the doctors with vacations and Christmas and such. Like always when she reaches another month mark I brought out her recliner chair and snapped a few shots of her. They made me smile I love her personality and I can't imagine life with out this little girl!

She did well at the doctor's office. She only complained at the end where she was tired, and when the nurse gave her shots. On a good note though one of the shots was the H1N1, so now I don't have to worry so much about the flu =) I am also really glad that Lenna hasn't gotten sick and she is 9.5 months old! The doctor did warn me though that sickness increases after now so I guess we shall see how long it takes till Lenna actually gets sick. Anyway the doctor also gave me lots of reading material about keeping Lenna safe from normal first aid, to poison problems. The issue I had with all this reading material was that it started to make me feel more paranoid then calm. I stopped reading half way through and will make Jared read it. I don't want to be a paranoid mom and sometimes the less you know the better off you are. Ignorance is bliss right?

Okay onto what you all really want to know, her stats! Well at least this is one of my favorite parts about reading other peoples blogs on these types of subjects. I don't know if it is because I like to have a tangible figure for me to picture or if it is just fun to see the percentiles of the kids, but here are Lenna's stats for this check up

Weight 21 lbs 1 ounce (90%)
Height 29 1/2 inches (97%)

In other news we went to Target today and it was great! We got some good clearance stuff and some groceries. I really like that Target now has a whole grocery store section. I even think I was pleasantly surprised that my total wasn't all that high for all the stuff I got. Yay for shopping!!!

I pulled out my 2010 calendar. It is official it is going to be here in a blink! To start the year off right at the beginning of January I am crazy and I am going to run a 5 mile race with my friend. Should be a good way to start the year off sore (I mean right). Hope you all have great time celebrating or ringing in the new year however you choose.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Stand up and Up and UP

This week Lenna has been practicing over and over how to stand up. With of course the help of a couch or chair or anything near by. I just think in the last 2 weeks it feels like she went from 9 months old to 12 months old. I keep telling baby Lenna to slow down and stay a baby for a little while longer. Sigh time must move forward though.

To make the best of this Christmas weekend we went on a few adventures. We walked through the trails of Hamlin park which is really close to our house maybe 15 blocks or so away. It is a beautiful park with lots of trees. It reminded me a lot of the Muir woods in California. I think we will go back to this park! Then another adventure we took was to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. We made it with perfect timing. They have a light display that goes on at 5pm. So we got to the park at 4:40pm. We found great parking walked to the end of the park and within 5 minutes the lights came on. We then proceeded to back track seeing the lights and headed back to our car as the crowd started to get larger and larger. Both Jared and I were very happy to be leaving since the crowd nearly tripled in size in just 10 minutes!Here is a parrot made of lights before the lights were turned on. I think it looked cooler not turned on.
I think Lenna loved looking at all the lights.
I love this man.
A nice couple took a picture of all 3 of us.
On Sunday Jared didn't feel so well so we had a relaxing evening at home.
Dad didn't put her tights back on after church so you could see her lovely thunder things. Wow she has some awesome rolls still!
I like the attitude in this picture.
She loves this bouncy ball that looks like a rock.
Ahh I just think she looks cute with her pink dress and bow.
Dad says Lenna hasn't mastered standing up. But after putting Lenna down for a nap this morning I heard tons of screaming. Which is normal but I went in anyways to see what was up. This is what I found. Lenna screaming and trying to chew on her crib.
She wasn't to happy about being in her crib and me taking pictures of her screaming.
But she is getting really good at standing herself up. She even steps in place! I am so not ready for her to learn to walk but I think it will be here before I can even blink.

Other news I am working at finishing up some painting at our house. I only have one more door to paint and then I will be done with all the doors I am going to paint at this house! It takes me a long time because I have to strip the paint off the hinges and then paint. But my goal is to have the last door done by 2010. Also Lenna and I went running this morning. This was the first time I actually pushed the jogging stroller. Normally Jared does it but I was determined to run around greenlake so after dropping dad off at work Lenna and I ran. Luckily we made it around and Lenna didn't even fuss! Hope you enjoyed the new pictures of Lenna! Happy last week of 2009! Maybe it is just me but I feel like 2000 was just here and now it is 10 years later. Wow life really does fly by in a blink!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! What a great holiday we get to give and receive gifts, remember the birth of Christ, and we get to sing Christmas songs for 5 weeks straight. It is always a bitter sweet moment on actual Christmas morning because the anticipation of the day and what is wrapped under the tree goes away and carols must be taken off the play lists, oh and the tree has to get taken down eventually... But nonetheless this last week leading up to Christmas has been fun.

It started off earlier in the week with Lenna getting her very first bruise. It isn't super large but it is a nice shade of purple on her forehead. She got it by whacking herself into the fridge. She wasn't to excited about it and actually screamed pretty well. I guess I have officially reached the Lenna getting into everything and occasionally giving herself an owie phase.
On Christmas Eve we went to the zoo to wish the animals Merry Christmas. I think it is super awesome we live somewhere that we can go to the zoo on Christmas Eve. It was a little chilly so we did a lot of the indoor exhibits. Since strollers aren't allowed in those exhibits we carried Lenna. She even got to crawl in the bat exhibit since it was just us and her friends. Her one little friend crawled with her even though she is 4 and kept telling Lenna "It's okay you don't need to be scared I am with you." So adorable. I am glad she has friends that love her. In the tropical rain forest area I took our camera out and it was all fogged from being so cold but now being somewhere warm. After wiping it off a nice lady took our family photo.
After a good nap for Lenna we headed to Green Lake to do our Christmas Eve tradition. We like to take the 2.7mile walk around the lake and discuss how life is going and what the goals are of the next year. All while sipping hot chocolate to stay warm. Lenna didn't like it so much the last mile. I am not sure if it was the cold or if she just had enough of stroller time for the day, but oh well we discussed some great family goals are we are anxious, excited, and curious what 2010 holds for us.

Lenna would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas !
Lucy our pet tortoise for the week was snug in her shell awaiting Santa's arrival. On a side note when Lucy arrived we were talking to her owner about her and getting instructions on how to make her stay happy. Well we found out that tortoise's can hibernate. Apparently you can stick them in the fridge for a month or more. I think I must have had a horrified look on my face. How odd that you could just stick you animal in the fridge for weeks on end. Regardless I think Jared is liking having a pet around and Lucy is low maintenance so I don't mind her hanging out at our house.
Well it is Christmas morning and Santa didn't disappoint. Neither did all the rest of the family. Lenna loved exploring her new toys. Dad loved playing with his new toy, and mom loves her new bling.Lenna loved crawling all over us and seeing the pile of wrapping paper.She even managed to help kind of unwrap one of her own gifts.We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we hope 2010 brings you even more happiness than 2009. With love, The Lundells

Monday, December 21, 2009

Utah Trip wrap up and the vacuum cleaner

And we are back. Lenna and I survived the airplane ride home. We have flown a couple of times now with Lenna but coming home this time was her first experience having to ride next to a complete stranger and having to sit on my lap. She got upset a couple of times but mostly she was good and there was a nice young couple who would play with her when she got fussy to distract her. I don't know if I will fly by myself without getting Lenna her own seat again because as she is getting bigger and more mobile it is hard to keep her on my lap.

On our arrival home Jared was kind enough to get me flowers. I love flowers. If I could have one wish with no care of money I would totally have a new fresh bouquet of flowers every week. But since flowers are not cheap and I am not crazily wealthy I will settle for flowers on occasion and love them because they are not a norm. Anyway the crazy part about arriving home was when I went to put my suitcase in what we call the garage; it isn't a garage it is a storage area attached to the house that use once by part of the garage, but the garage was converted into an extra room/storage area, but I digress. Anyway there was a dead mouse on one of the traps we set out. I hate dead animals and I hate alive or dead mice. So I immediately walked away and Jared took care of it. But on a happy note a dead mouse is the best mouse.

Okay onto the Utah recap. Lenna loved hanging out with her grandparents. She loves all her grandparents. After an exhausting round of crawling Lenna sat on grandma princess' lap and was in a trance while she got her back scratched. hmmm maybe Lenna will love getting her back scratched as much as I do! We tried new hair styles on Lenna here is her pebble look. I should do this look more often. I also love this picture. I wish I could just keep Lenna at 8 months old for like a year but sadly she must grow up, and wow it is happening so fast!
On Friday we headed to Salt Lake for the Sharp family Christmas party. We first stopped by in Magna to drop of Grandma Tygesen's gift. So we had to get a Jeaner picture. All of us have the middle name of Jean. I must get my height from my dad's side because I am way taller then my mom and grandma.
At the party we got to see both my brothers and their families again. Here is Lenna with her Aunt Tiffany, Aunt Megan, and cousin AnaBelle. AnaBelle and Lenna are the two granddaughters on my side of the family.
At the party Lenna got to see Santa again! This time he brought her a gift. It was a Tinkerbell toothbrush set if you are wondering and a snowman book! She isn't bothered by Santa at all but she was more interested in the present this time.
I love this picture below because Great-Grandma Tygesen and Great-Aunt Penny look so happy to see Lenna. I miss that we don't live closer to family so I can get pictures like this more often.
Well all good things must come to an end and we headed back to much warmer much greener Washington. The day after we got home we headed to a friend's house and Lenna crawled all over the place. Her little friends gave her animals to tote around on her back, and would have her chase a balloon around. She was exhausted when we got home to say the least.
Now that Lenna can get around and to places she wants to be I often find her chasing her dad around. It is really cute that she loves him so much. This morning she crawled till she found dad in the bathroom and just stared at him as he got ready. I think she may be a daddy's little girl over a momma's girl.
Also today I did some vacuuming. She chased the vacuum around and around. She didn't seem to like the vacuum hence the crying but yet she still chased after it. What a silly little girl we have.

We are looking forward to a quiet Christmas break filled with being airport taxis, zoo goers, and turtle watchers! Have a great week and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This post is for daddy. She was working on this while he was here at grandma and grandpa's house but today after lots of help from grandpa she figured out how to go up the stairs. Good thing we don't have stairs so I don't have to worry about baby proofing them! Good job Lenna!

Here is grandpa helping her learn this new skill! He only had to show her a few times before it clicked that she could do it herself.
Also Lenna lets Grandma Princess hold her face to face. She doesn't even let me do this.She got to visit her cousins and aunt and uncle at their house a few days ago. She loved hanging out with all of them. She especially loved chewing on everything Aunt Megan offered her and trying to keep up with her cousins and they ran around.One day we went to lunch and when we got out side the sun was very bright can you tell by both of their expressions?
We are working on understanding how the phone works. Normally she just wants to chew it but we are trying to teach her to listen.We are also trying to let her play on lots of things we don't have a home like a rocking horse.
She really liked Minnie and Mickey at Disneyland and even likes them as small toys, but she was pretty much very afraid of this stuffed animal.She has learned to pull herself up onto things too. Crazy how many new tricks she has learned just this morning!
Her other trick I haven't managed to catch on video or camera is she claps. It is so cute. I am pretty sure if dad hasn't started with putting up some of the child proofing stuff while we are gone that I am going to be a busy bee when we return! We love you daddy hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow

We headed to snowy Logan this last weekend. Lenna has done great! We had a bit of a delay leaving the SeaTac airport but Lenna just played on her blanket with all her toys in the terminal. We lucked out, our plane wasn't full, so we could take Lenna's car seat on. So she had her own seat! After a bottle she was out in sleeping mode for the whole flight. Yay!On Saturday we went to the annual Davidson Christmas party. It was a requirement for the whole family to be there this year to celebrate the grandparents 80th birthdays. It was fun to see all the cousins and meet some of their kids that we hadn't met yet. My mom gave out straws to all the kiddos. Lenna loved playing with her's! She hasn't figured out how to actually use a straw though.
Great Grandma and Grandpa Davidson are always very generous with gifts. She puts a lot of effort into getting what we actually ask for. Lenna had a good loot! She is one spoiled little girl!
She enjoyed playing with the packaging...
But loved playing with the bows the most!
After the fun event of meeting cousins we headed over to Great Grandma Lundell's for a quick visit. She had a good time seeing Grandma and Aunt Sharon.
We made the visit short to Great Grandma Lundell's because it was snowing. It has snowed and snowed. Lenna doesn't seem to mind the snow. I think she might be more like her dad and like it. I on the other hand don't mind that we live somewhere it doesn't snow often. But Jared and I enjoyed shoveling the snow off the drive way for my parents.
After the party in Ogden we got to spend time with all of Lenna's cousins on my side. Even two of her cousins slept over. You would never guess it from the picture but this little guy doesn't like going to sleep at all! He just wanted to stay up and play. But Lenna sure loved playing with cousin Carter. It was very cute to hear him say her name.
On Sunday we had Christmas party round 2 with just my family. Here is Grandpa Stud and Lenna before opening gifts.
Here is Grandma Princess and Trey and Lenna all excited for the Christmas party at Grandma's house!
Lenna got a load of stuff! So much it covered her and Jared! All great and fun things. We sure were very spoiled from the two Christmas parties!!! I am grateful for my all my extended family and all the fun things we got but most important I am grateful for the time we got to spend with them.
After the presents were open Lenna wanted to play with her cousin Jack. She was even wrestling him. She just loves her cousins so very much.
By the end off all the weekend fun she was one very tired girl. Here she is in her pack n play in the closet. Yep she is sleeping in the closet. But she is snug as a bug and this is the important part.
Lenna in the last few days has taken off in crawling. I have a child who doesn't like to do things half baked. She is an all or nothing kind of gal. So when she figured out crawling she has been full speed. I thought she might do some army crawling but nope she just does a normal crawl. I am sure it will just get faster and faster with time...and then walking...ekkk...I am so not ready nor do I have my house child proofed at all. Looks like when we get home she might be getting into more things so our home might be rearranged, but right now Lenna is just enjoying exploring grandma and grandpa's house.

Hope you are enjoying the weather where you are at. I am enjoying looking at the snow for now! =)